Worry, I Release You


This is taken from one of my journal excerpts…

I was reflecting on going deeper with myself so that I can step more into the truth of my soul and its desires. It came to me that one of the barriers to my soul happiness was worry.

Maybe you can relate.


I decided to reflect how I relate to worry with the intention of lessening its hold over me.

Worry is a bad habit.
Worry is me trying to control the outcomes in my life.
Worry is me not trusting the Divine.
Worry is me not believing that I can handle whatever comes my way.
Worry keeps me from the mystical, magical, and serendipitous taking its place in my life.
Worry keeps me cautious.
Worry does not serve me.
Worry limits me, cuts off my flow and keeps me small.
Worry, I release you.



Self Love
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