The work of The Soul Happy Life is to harmonize our true essence (or soul) with the science of happiness. It’s the awakening of high vibration thinking, being & doing.

My mission is to assist everyday women with transforming disconnection with self and emerge as leaders of their lives by embodying Soul Happy Archetypes™, a set of creative source principles for aligning with the fulfilled self.  The layers within each of the archetypes are beautifully inspired by my own journey of awakening, transformation, and alignment.

Creating a Soul Happy Life is about saying FROM THIS POINT FORWARD…showing up as THE BEST VERSION of yourself… embodying HIGH VIBE THINKING… UNCOVERING your PURPOSE… ALIGNING with your deepest desires… honoring LOVE for Self… being IN FLOW with creativity and beauty… SAVORING what is… hearing the answers WITHIN… NOT SETTLING for mediocre stories…OVERCOMING life’s challenges.



So how do you begin the journey of becoming soul happy? I get this question a lot. The answer is probably not what you might be thinking. Becoming soul happy begins with awakening to a new way of being, doing and thinking about ourselves so that the parts of us that are unfulfilled, disconnected and short on substance begin to flourish and align with our soul truth.

::Rituals is my signature process for awakening soul truth so you can be more of who you are.

Click on the image below to download your complimentary ::rituals guide. In addition, I’ll send you my weekly Soul Letters where I share inspiration and information about opportunities for us to share space.