You’ve been feeling a stirring within that clamors self-actualization, alignment with your desires, and soul inspired happiness.  You are ready to be your true self.

For many women, life has become about should’s and have to’s. You might be one of them. Your truest desires are buried deep, and you may not even remember what they look and feel like. Closing the gap from where you are today to where you want to be can often feel impossible. What I’ve learned along the way is that when we try to create from outside of ourselves, it feels hard, overwhelming, unpleasant and misaligned.


My work has taught me that women tend to carry a deep-seated belief that they cannot purposefully create their lives. So they settle for a life that does not project their true desires.


Soul Happy Rituals is my foundational, self-paced coaching program based on positive and spiritual psychology principles. It’s an antidote for aligning with your desires and creating them from within. It’s also a powerful process for moving through guilt, self-sabotage, and unfulfillment.


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