Seven Years Behind The Scenes.

I spent seven years behind the scenes guiding women in expressing their creative essence through entrepreneurship. while balancing being a work at home mom to three kids.

One day I had the realization that I was spending all of my time taking care of my family and clients needs while denying my own. I didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror looking back at me.  I had created a good life, but, it was not a reflection of who I was at a soul level.

Instead of honoring my desires, I was going through the motions and living in the space of “should’s and have to’s”.  The real me was buried deep inside.  I was in survival mode and very much out of alignment with my true self, and it showed.  I felt like there was something more.


Have you ever felt this way?


I believe that many women feel unfulfilled for three core reasons:

  • they’re not living on purpose primarily because day to day living has taken over
  • they’ve never been taught to how to be resilient and bounce back from disappointments and challenges
  • they don’t know how to access and trust their intuition


Positivity leads to success in all areas of your life.


The experience of witnessing the women that I supported fulfill their desires and my training as a positive psychology practitioner, along with my personal journey led me to the realization that experiencing a Soul Happy Life embodies a very certain truth: It requires the cultivation of positivity.

I don’t know about you, but I had not been taught how to be positive. I was raised to survive. Not having positivity skills kept me from experiencing happiness. I was reactive, made a lot of crappy decisions, blamed others for my failures and could easily be taken out by challenges. I was a quitter and repeated patterns of behavior that kept the real me from showing up. I saw my world through the lens of “what’s wrong” instead of “what’s possible”.  Yes, this was all true. It’s who I was until I learned a new way of being.

Positivity does not mean that all is perfect in your life. It means that in the space of challenges and adversity we are flexible, adjustable and agile in our responses. However, that beautiful trifecta requires a distinct set of skills that most of us are not taught.

Positivity feels good. It changes how we think + behave. It can be increased. It creates an opportunity to call in the future that we desire to see. It’s the pathway to becoming Soul Happy.


Purpose is your souls’ expression.  So what is your soul clamoring to express?

I hear it over and over again, “I have everything.  Why do I feel unhappy”?

German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “The who has a why to live, can live through almost any how”.  I love that quote because it speaks to the how powerful being on purpose really is.  But somewhere along the way, we’re told that being the most authentic version of ourselves is not possible or realistic.  Instead, we step into the throws of experiencing a life driven by external demands instead of a life of purpose and meaning.

Eventually, it becomes really hard to deny our purpose.  It shows up as dissatisfaction, boredom, feeling stuck and unfulfilled.  I remember thinking that I could never live out my purpose because I had to survive and “be realistic”.  My coaching experience has taught me that many women also feel this way. Purpose your unique impact in the world.  It’s being aligned with your soul and it helps you do better in every domain of life.


Intuition is the Souls’ voice.

Quite often I am asked how can one go from living out of alignment to being on purpose.  Things like, “I have financial responsibilities, I’ve invested many years in a particular career.  I cannot just drop what I am doing now to chase my purpose.  How can I make this happen?”

At one point or another, you may have had these thoughts yourself.  This is where becoming aware of your intuition and trusting her comes in. Your intuition has the answers and is more than happy to guide you in transforming your life.  Choosing to experience the power of my intuition has assisted me with allowing my purpose to flourish.

How about you?  What is your intuition desiring to tell you?


My story began far from being in alignment with a life that I truly loved.

I’ve endured a lot, but I’ve also overcome a lot.  Stepping into my purpose, learning and applying positivity skills, while deliberately trusting my intuition has helped me to go from living a life that felt nothing like my own, to finding the courage within myself to unravel the parts of me that felt like a contradiction.

While I’m still in progress (and will always be), the inner me is aligning with the outer me, more and more with each passing day.

When challenges show up in my life, I recover much more quickly than I ever have.  I don’t “awfulize” and go down the rabbit hole like I used to. I’m living in the space of my purpose and intentionally allowing my intution teach and guide this journey called life!

The same is possible for you!


My superpower is guiding you to align with your something more, learn positivity skill sets and become aware of and trust your intuition. Creating a soul happy life is possible, but you have decide that it’s time!

Take the first step here.