The Soul Happy Life is a state of mind that’s in alignment with who you are here to be, do and experience.  It’s the art and science for living as your most empowered self.


It’s about saying FROM THIS POINT FORWARD…
showing up as THE BEST VERSION of yourself
ALIGNING with your deepest desires
honoring LOVE for Self
being IN FLOW with creativity and beauty
SAVORING what is
hearing the answers WITHIN
NOT SETTLING for mediocre stories.



Seven Years Behind The Scenes.

I spent seven years behind the scenes guiding women in expressing their creative essence through entrepreneurship. while balancing being a work at home mom to three kids.
One day I had the realization that I was spending all of my time taking care of my family and clients needs while denying my own. I didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror looking back at me.  I had created a good life, but, it was not a reflection of who I was on a soul level.
Instead of honoring my desires, I was going through the motions and living in the space of “should’s and have to’s”.  The real me was buried deep inside.  I was in survival mode, reactive and very much out of alignment with my true self, and it showed.  I felt like I was supposed to be on another path. I knew that it was time to change how I was showing up in the world.
Have you ever felt this way?


I believe that many women feel unfulfilled, stuck and lost for three core reasons:

  • they’re not living on purpose primarily because day to day living has taken over
  • they’ve never been taught to how to think higher vibration thoughts
  • they don’t know how to access and trust their inner knowing


So what changed for me?

My turning point came when I was trained as a Positive Psychology Practitioner. I discovered new ways of relating to the experiences in my life.  I learned how to reprogram my mind with higher vibration thoughts. I began to focus on what was possible versus being stuck in all of the ways that I denied myself.
This led to massive healing. It makes total sense since everything that shows up in the material world is created first on a level of thought.
I began to think about my life experiences as empowering lessons instead of allowing them to be walls and excuses that kept me from experiencing the true version of myself.
I became deliberate about choosing who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do what I wanted to experience in my life.  Miraculously, life reflected back to me a journey that felt aligned with my truth.
The same is possible for you.



How might your life be different if you lived as your more empowered self? Take the next step and learn more about how you can live more fully!