I’m a mom of three, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, and a student and teacher of the art and science of happiness.

For the longest time, I was torn between being who I was deep inside and the person that I was showing up as. I was in survival and self-sabotage mode, reactive and very much out of alignment with my true self, and it showed.


As a teen, I was a mom and married to a man who physically abused and mentally tormented me. Although I found the courage within to leave that awful situation, I continued to repeat dysfunctional patterns. The little voice that asked “Who do you think you are to want more out of life?“, was always there keeping me small. That misalignment within myself led to frequent bouts of depression and anxiety disorder.

I knew that it was time to change how I was showing up in the world, but I didn’t know how to without feeling selfish, guilty and judged.  And truth be told, who is teaching us how to be happy anyways?

After much struggle and growth, I’ve figured some things out along the way. I now feel free of the should’s and have to’s. I consistently flow in the direction of my soul happy self.

I’m inspired to do this work because, although I’ll always be growing and learning, I’ve certainly released much of the limitations that once ruled my life. These days, my mission is guiding women in experiencing their own transformation, just like I did.

So what changed for me?

For over a decade I had been a self-growth student, studying positive psychology, spirituality, and manifestation. Clearly, I was a student of these methodologies and not a practitioner. I knew in my core that I was over the old me. I believed that I was meant for more, but resistance got the best of me.

Back then I didn’t understand that resistance is a big part of transformation. Instead of leaning into the resistance I allowed it to serve as an excuse for staying stuck in a life that hardly felt like my own.

I had my dark night of the soul and decided that things in my life had to change.

I discovered new ways of relating to the experiences in my life.  I learned how to think higher vibration thoughts. I began to focus on what was possible versus being stuck in all of the ways that I denied myself. I embodied a resilient spirit.

This led to massive healing. It makes total sense since everything that shows up in the material world is created first on a level of thought.
I began to think about my life experiences as empowering lessons instead of allowing them to be walls and excuses that kept me from experiencing the true version of myself.

I became deliberate about choosing my thoughts, about who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do in my life.  Miraculously, life reflected back to me a journey that felt aligned with my truth.

The same is possible for you.



How might your life be different if you lived as your most empowered self? Who is the real you, and how does she show up in the world? If you’re looking at your life and think that there is something more for you, I invite you to take the next step and learn more about how you can create your Soul Happy Life!